Are you ready for Drupal 8?

We are. Are you running D7 or even D6 and interested in an upgrade? Are you chugging along with a proprietary CMS and looking to save crazy amounts of money? Is something in your Drupal workflow just not cutting it? We can manage and implement all aspects of your project. Let's talk.

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CMS Development

Owning a comprehensive, easy-to-use Content Management System has never been more straightforward. We can get you up and running with a prototype within a couple weeks. More importantly, we'll ask the questions that help you make the best decisions. What do your content creators need to succeed? Who owns the final draft? How are upgrades and security managed? What shall we do with all the time and money we saved? (We agree with Wittgenstein when he said "The riddle does not exist. If a question can be put at all, then it can also be answered." Ergo the answer to that last question is "NC BBQ and local beer.")

UX/ UI Analytics

Sure, we can make you some wireframes (or their more stakeholder-friendly alternatives such as low-fidelity comps or HTML5 mocks) and persona-based use case documentation and so forth, no problem. But we can also help you figure out what in your current UI needs tweaking. Surely by now you've read The $300 Million Button or its many variants. What is keeping your user flow from reaching your goals? In many cases there is a scientific answer to this question (i.e. both falsifiable and repeatable). We'll help you find it.

Project Management

There is a clear path to success in any given project, and that path is paved with bricks of organization, communication, and clarity of role and purpose. We love tools like Pivotal Tracker almost as much as we love composing tortured metaphors about paths and pavers. But we digress. Even the simplest projects have a lot of moving parts. Overages in time mean overages in money and increased levels of cortisol -- not good for the humans. We believe in breaking big problems down into their constituent parts, in continuous improvement, and in collaborative iteration.

About Activate Studio

Founded in Brooklyn in 2007, Activate Studio is a multidisciplinary design and development concern managed by Steve Kovacs. We believe in putting the user first, in atomizing big problems, and in the transformative power of communication technology. Our technology expertise rests on the LAMP stack, and we use Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, and all things PHP, Android, and Javascript.

Recent Projects

Zynga: We managed a legacy D7 install for a while, implementing a full redesign as well as developing custom modules and interfaces for bloglike magazine (now deactivated). There is a lot more we wish we could have done with this one, but the best laid plans of mice and men...

Demandforce: We built a custom theme and a few plugins for a new WP install. Shortly after launch, the company was acquired by Intuit. I ain't sayin'; I'm just sayin'.


Get in touch any time at info @ activatestudio . com

Listen: I used to work for a man named Hillman Curtis. Hillman's philosophy included the idea that conversation is free, and that trust is the cornerstone of a good working relationship. We carry that idea forward into every new project. We might ask you about your budget -- it is an important variable, after all -- but we want to hear about your ideas and your goals before any money changes hands. No obstacles and no obligations if you just want to talk some things through!